Friday, December 28, 2007

Words as old as sin fit me like a glove

The idea of this blog is borrowed from a Smiths' song from their eponymous début. The song is called "The hand that rocks the cradle", and the precise lines that give name to this blog are the following: "oh, see how words as old as sin / fit me like a glove".

Mi intention is to put together some ideas, thoughts... which, after all, might not be so "new" as they seem at first sight. Everything has already been invented or, at least, has been somehow experienced or sensed before. That's my "humanistic" point of view, which is not pessimistic but rather hedonistic: if the Mediterranean has already been discovered, let's have the pleasure of revisiting it and even reinventing it every day.

I have a degree in Humanities and many of the topics I will discuss will deal with this subject, in the broadest sense that the word "humanities" can have (e.g. many posts will be on pop music or pop culture). I don't want to be academic, mostly because I'm not an academic, but rather a great fan of divulgative knowledge and, of course, wikipedia.

This blog has a Spanish and a Catalan language version. Feel free to visit them, the posts will not necessarily be the same, although some will be the exact translation. By the way, English is not my native language, so I apologise myself in advance for the language mistakes. If you don't know what "Catalan" means, just take a look at the corresponding article from wikipedia!